Our Kitchen Design Services

Mike Carlielle, designing leading kitchens and kitchen technology for over 34 years. Mike doesn't just take a bunch of standard modules or blocks and sticks them in a room. But takes your requirements then designs and builds a bespoke solution for your space. 

Why Hibiscus Kitchens?

While traditional kitchen manufacturers are still using a non-durable system that hasn't changed in over 50 years, Hibiscus Kitchens is cutting-edge, and recommend and install the Neptune Cabinet System. Neptune Cabinets utilise the latest advances in durability and strength technology.

Recent Kitchen Design Projects

At Hibiscus Kitchens we design, build and install hard wearing custom designed bathroom vanities to match and complement your bathroom style.

Neptune Cabinet System

Neptune Cabinets are a revolutionary cabinet system which are durable, waterproof which are resistent to swelling, rot and bacterial growth.

A cabinet system originally designed and developed by Mike Carlielle (owner of Hibicus Kitchens Ltd) and still used today.

  • Strong aluminium frame with unique hinges ensure strength and long lasting solution.
  • Waterproofing ensures cabinets are resistent to rot and swelling - even through hot water.
  • Designed to suit your layout, units are not restricited to standard sizes ensuring you have flexiablity in design.
  • Evo friendly as components are reusable and recyclable if you modify your cabinets.

Contact Us today to find out more about the veristile cabinet system.

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